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Institutional Capital Forum (ICF) is a leading specialist in organising exclusive events for the asset management and financial services industry in the dynamic DACH region. Our main focus is to create a unique information and networking platform that brings together a wide range of participants, including investors, investment managers, companies, project developers, experts and service providers.

ICF’s hallmark is the organisation of private forums, conferences and intimate ‚roundtable‘ events. These events are carefully tailored to the needs of executives and decision-makers and serve as lively platforms to explore the most interesting topics and emerging trends in alternative investments.

Our mission is clear: we curate events of the highest calibre in an exclusive setting. This setting is designed not only to provide a sound knowledge transfer, but also to offer sufficient space and time for a lively exchange of views and valuable networking opportunities.


ICF works in a spirit of partnership with a limited number of service providers and intermediaries who already have a leading position within the alternative investment sector.

ICF holds conferences and round table events on the topic of alternative investments. The events focus on the DACH region and the requirements of institutional investors. All the events are characterised by the seniority and high caliber of the participants and speakers.

Your company’s appearance at our event formats is a good and efficient way to network and engage with key institutional investors, asset managers and impact funds operating in private markets, as well as showcase your company’s expertise and credibility in a private, dialogue-oriented event format. Our ICF formats offer you the ideal communication platform where you can not only deepen existing contacts but also make new ones directly. As a sponsor, you present your company with a clear presence in a high-quality, select environment.

The direct way to the client - multiply your opportunities

Sponsorship sharpens your brand and raises your profile as an innovative company. ICF is the perfect partner to raise your profile according to your requirements.

Our ICF events are a source of quality content. So it depends on how you design your messages and your preparation and follow-up.

ICF events are client-focused discussion and networking opportunities that create high-value leads. Meet new clients and investors in the meeting areas.

Understand market segments and target group preferences from our events to optimise your own campaigns.

Raising awareness of your brand is one thing, building reputation and enthusiasm is another. Therefore, sponsorship is a great way to do positive PR and build credibility.

Of course, not only potential customers and stakeholders take part in our events. Competitors and other market participants also attend. This is your chance to build valuable and long-term relationships with the industry.

You can use the events to launch a new product or present your service to a first-class audience or extend your reach to German, Austrian or Swiss prospects.

Get in touch with partners participating in our events and also find out about other delegates to discover new products and services.

If you are interested in a targeted positioning of your company, please contact:
Hans-Peter Dohr
Hans-Peter Dohr
Managing Partner
+49 89 125 01 80 30
+49 171 576 31 77
Mario Weiss
ICF Event Management
+49 89 125 01 80 11
+49 171 734 12 21

Core philosophy

The open space events organised by ICF are intended to provide participants with a platform to:

  • establish contacts and cement relationships in an open atmosphere within an exclusive circle of people,
  • hear the opinions and assessments of leading decision-makers of important investors from the DACH region, of prominent asset managers, firms and project developers as well as selected experts and
  • be a part of the most prestigious and relevant investor event in German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria).

Format and open space

Each event will revolve around a specific central theme. In cooperation with active market players and prominent experts, ICF will lend this central theme a framework through an individual agenda developed together for each event.

Within this framework there is an “open space” in which participants can introduce their own issues and interests around the central theme, both before and during the event.

Framework of open space events

Every event/forum based on the open space method lasts one day. The central theme is presented in an initial talk and participants’ topics are later dealt with in greater depth in panel discussions in which participants are actively encouraged to engage. The small and exclusive framework also allows the key topics to be discussed in greater depth in informal settings such as coffee breaks. The open space method allows a lively and diverse agenda to develop in line with the objectives and needs of participants.

The event format also facilitates an exchange of ideas and information at the highest level with opinion leaders and the establishing and building up of valuable business contacts. This begins at the informal networking dinner that takes place on the evening before the main event and creates an opportunity to establish informal contacts outside the framework of organisations and companies.

Participants at ICF events can use their newly acquired insights and contacts as well as their broadened knowledge base for the benefit of their particular business.

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