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Sustainable Investor Webinar Series 2021

Covid-19 has unleashed an unprecedented social and economic crisis and clearly also caused a slowdown to the SDG progress, but the response presents an opportunity to accelerate the shift to a more sustainable economy. The coronavirus crisis strikes us at a time when we have about a decade left to achieve a low-carbon transition and the need to avoid reaching more than 1.5 degrees Celsius warming at all costs. Climate change requires policy makers and business leaders to understand the physical, socio-economic and financial risks and impacts of climate change and examine all business decisions and solutions aimed at sustainable change with a focus to avoiding or reducing those risks. Sustainability is no longer a “nice to have”, but has become a “need to have”.

Our sustainable investing webinar series will explore a range of topics in all relevant asset classes, the drivers of change and megatrends, such as innovation, transport and energy transition, investing in biodiversity, and finally technical and political drivers, such as data collection or evaluation of policies.

The entire Sustainable Investor Webinar Series is certified climate neutral by ClimatePartner. All burdens are fully offset by the promotion of environmental and climate projects.


What companies and investors need to know now

The webinar series provides a forum for discussion on data collection and how to measure, manage and report sustainability impacts. The EU Disclosure Regulation will come into force in March 2021 and will affect, among others, insurance companies offering investment products. The aim of the regulation is to harmonize sustainability-related rules at European level. Sustainability will become a central criterion in the mandatory communication of capital management companies and funds.

How are ESG criteria integrated into investment decisions? How are the effects of decisions that are not ESG-compliant taken into account? If no consideration is given, justification must be given as to why this is not done. That’s why decision-makers should start looking at the implications of the regulation now – to rethink their portfolios and business models.

Target group

The webinar series is designed for investors, asset managers, and companies seeking to manage environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks, as well as those seeking to make a positive contribution to global goals.

Webinar format and virtual features

Upcoming webinars

Integrated Mobility
Coming soon

New business models, increasing urbanisation and the growth of cities are changing traditional mobility patterns. This offers both the public and private sectors the opportunity to benefit from the increasing cross-sectoral changes.

Previous webinars

Sustainable Private Equity –
ESG and value creation
15 September 2021 | 11am-1pm (CET)

Private equity is having a unique year, showing how to succeed in this challenging environment. If the private equity industry is confident enough and understands the transformative trends, measurable impact, this should be Europe’s momentum.

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Social infrastructure: Impact management and measurement in the real estate sector
09 September 2021 | 3pm-4:30pm (CET)

The framework conditions for companies are being redefined in favour of more sustainability and climate protection. This also affects the real estate industry. Real estate investors require alternative sources of yield in today’s market. Social infrastructure can offer diversification, impact-investing opportunities and superior risk-adjusted returns.

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Tech for good – Financing innovation through Venture Capital
08 September 2021 | 11am-1pm (CET)

Technological innovation plays an important role in supporting green growth. If green investing is extended to innovative ideas that integrate sustainability across the board, we believe VCs can play a big role in supporting a better future without compromising returns.

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Paths to carbon neutral finance
30/06/2021 | 2pm-4pm (CET)

We believe finance is a force for change. Sustainable and carbon neutral products and operations that intend to deliver a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact are swiftly gathering pace globally.

In this webinar we will explore and discuss different paths and sustainable strategies to carbon neutral finance.

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ESG in Bonds – Opportunities and Challenges
24/06/2021 | 11am-1pm (CET)

Experts expect this financing instrument to develop further with great momentum. Investors are increasingly switching from conventional to “green” investments. A change in thinking that has begun on the capital market. The chances are good that green bonds will make a growing contribution to combating global warming.

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ESG-Reporting – Implementation of the EU-Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation
09/06/2021 | 11am-1pm (CET)

ESG has moved to the top of the regulatory agenda. There is strong momentum to change the financial services landscape for the better. However, companies need to balance improving their ESG record with the need to weather the impact of the crisis and address issues such as credit risk, cost reduction and consolidation. 

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Sustainable Investing in Renewable Energy
and Infrastructure
08/06/2021 | 11am – 1pm (CET)

COVID-19 clearly demonstrated the need for more resilient investments and underscored the need to unlock more innovative finance to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The Green Deal puts the EU on a path to climate neutrality by 2050, through deep decarbonization of all sectors of the economy. The energy and infrastructure system is critical to achieving these goals.

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Blue Economy –
a sustainable growth strategy
06/05/2021 | 11am-1pm (CET)

The loss of biodiversity in the oceans represents a relative risk for investors. The transition from the current short-term, disruptive approach to ocean assets to a climate-safe and sustainable Blue Economy represents a huge economic and sustainable investment opportunity.

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Gender & Diversity Smart Investing
28/04/2021 | 11am-1pm (CET)

The business case for gender equality and women’s empowerment, particularly their critical role in driving growth and innovation, has strengthened over the past decade.

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Impact Through Listed Equities
23/03/2021 | 11am-1pm (CET)

The integration of ESG variables usually starts with public equity markets. Responsible investing has gained strong momentum, but what progress has been made in integrating ESG principles?

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