4. Sustainable Investor Summit | Austria Forum

October 14th 2021, Hilton Vienna Park

Presentation of the conference

The “Sustainable Investor Summit” is an industry event in the German-speaking DACH region on the topic of sustainability and impact investing. The conference, which is already in its fourth year, has become a must for professional and institutional investors from the insurance and utilities sector, church sponsors, family offices, foundations, asset managers, decision makers from companies and many others in this segment. Intensive knowledge transfer, exchange of information and experience as well as networking beyond the conference are clear goals for all participants. The conference is certified as climate neutral. All charges for travel etc. will be fully offset by the support of environmental and climate projects.

Sustainability is the most important trend for investors. They are looking for ways to invest in a socially responsible way (SRI) or to assume social responsibility as a company (CSR). In terms of content, sustainability and impact and the related environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects and their “impact” are the recurring themes on the corporate and investor side.

The importance of Sustainability & Impact Investing is growing rapidly and continues to gain momentum. Corporations have changed their behavior over the past decades. Institutional and private investors are increasingly aligning their portfolios with climate and environmental considerations. Social criteria and issues of responsible corporate governance also play an important role.


Free of charge for pension funds, insurance companies, family offices, foundations and sovereign wealth funds, subject to verification of qualification by ICF.
For other participants, the regular participation fee is EUR 300.00 plus VAT.
NGOs and students receive discounts.

Sustainability is catching on
Sustainability is catching on


Sustainability is the most important trend for investors. They are looking for ways to invest in a socially responsible way (SRI) or to assume social responsibility as a company. The content on the corporate and investor side consistently focuses on sustainability and impact and the environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects associated with it, as well as its "impact".

Increasing dynamics
Increasing momentum


Covid-19 has created a social and economic crisis and caused a slowdown in progress on the SDGs, but the response represents an opportunity to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable economy. Climate change requires all actors to understand the socioeconomic and financial risks of climate change and to consider business decisions with a focus on avoiding those risks.

Convincing results
Convincing results


Sustainable investment is not detrimental to returns, but actually has a positive effect. This is the conclusion reached by numerous studies, such as those conducted by the University of Lausanne, the Bertelsmann Foundation, Arabesque Asset Management/Oxford University, Harvard University and the University of Hamburg/DWS, to name just a few.


Be a part of the most prestigious and relevant investor event in German speaking countries Germany Austria and Switzerland.


Hear the opinions and assessments of leading decision makers of important investors from the DACH region of prominent asset managers corporations and selected experts.



Keep updated with the latest information about global views local solutions and planetary impact.



Speakers and other participants from 12 nations have attended the SIS event series.

"The economy is undergoing a fundamental transformation process in the face of changing demands from the climate crisis, digitalization and globalization."

Advisory Board | Austria Forum

Highlights of the last conference

“The pricing mechanism of the market has terribly gone wrong over the past three decades and led to allocations of capital into fossil fuel assets with immense negative climate impact that never should have happened.”
Young-jin Choi, Head of Impact Investing, PHINEO

“There are a lot of unknowns in the transition of transport to sustainability so it is hard to predict what is, or will be, ‘best’. It is fair to say that EVs have come a long way and will almost certainly have a bright future, while the role for hydrogen in transport is less certain.”
Rick Walters, Director Infrastructure, GRESB

“ESG and socially responsible investments typically include stocks which score well on those dimensions. The business activities of the included companies typically do not matter unless they appear on exclusion lists. Impact investments want to improve the world and are mostly oriented towards the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.”
Prof. Dr. Dirk Söhnholz, CEO, Diversifikator

“Gender lens investing gives remarkable productivity, is a performance enhancer and risk mitigator.”
Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Chief Catalyst, TIIME


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Venue information

Hilton Vienna Park

Am Stadtpark 1, 1030 Wien, Österreich
  • Location in the heart of Vienna
  • Europe’s largest meeting and
    event hotel in city center location
  • 663 rooms
  • 19 variable event rooms
  • 2 column-free, fully divisible ballrooms
  • Only 16 minutes from Vienna
  • Executive lounge with
    unique view over the park
    all the way to St. Stephen’s Cathedral
  • More information at: Hilton Vienna Park – Hotel und Veranstaltungsort in Wien (hiltonhotels.de)

Venue & logistics

4. Sustainable Investor Summit Austria Forum
14 October 2021
08:45am - 07:00pm
Hilton Vienna Park Am Stadtpark 1, 1030 Vienna Austria
ICF Institutional Capital Forum
a division of ICA Institutional Capital Associates GmbH Mauerkircherstrasse 81b 81925 Munich, Germany

Your safety comes first...

Your safety is our priority – To ensure that the 4th Sustainable Investor Summit can take place safely and successfully during the COVID 19 pandemic, ICF and the Hilton Vienna Park have prepared a comprehensive safety and hygiene concept that fully takes into account all local regulations for the safety of participants. However, should you have any questions regarding local regulations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Only persons who have been vaccinated or have recovered or can present a negative test can participate in the event.

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