Sustainable Blue Finance & Invest in the EU

Frankfurt, 16 May 2023


BlueInvest at the SIS 6

BlueInvest at the SIS 6

BlueInvest@SIS is one of the premier events in the sustainable blue economy world in the DACH region.


BlueInvest is a platform and accelerator to foster innovation and investment in sustainable technologies for the blue economy. It provides investment readiness support and access to finance for early-stage businesses, SMEs and scale-ups. BlueInvest is enabled by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.


The summit will facilitate connections across ocean-based industries and conservation organisations. Participants will be able to share success stories and find solutions to change the way businesses operate in the ocean.

Bridging the Gap and Mobilising Capital for the Sustainable Blue Economy

Access to finance continues to be a challenge for many blue economy SMEs. Especially high potential but risky ventures find it difficult to obtain sufficient investment funding. Current EU support instruments are already taking care of large-scale maritime infrastructure and innovation investments Setting up suitable investment vehicles to close that gap and to blend much-needed investments from private and public sources has now become an important area of the European Commission’s work on Blue Growth.

Confirmed Speakers

Confirmed Speakers

Videos der Paneldiskussionen und Keynotes

Videos der Paneldiskussionen und Keynotes


Our Oceans are the largest ecosystem in the world…

Our Oceans are the largest ecosystem in the world…

It covers 70% of the Earth's surface

Is home to an estimated 80% of the planet's biodiversity. 

It provides the oxygen for every other breath we take.

Is the largest natural carbon sink, helping to limit the effects of climate change.

Oceans at Risk

Two-thirds of the world’s oceans are currently considered international waters. That means all countries have a right to fish, ship and do research there. But until now only about 1% of these waters – known as high seas – have been protected.

This leaves marine life in most high seas areas at risk of exploitation from threats such as climate change, overfishing, and shipping.

A Sustainable Blue Economy

Looking to 2030, many ocean‑connected industries have the potential to outperform the growth of the global economy as a whole, both in terms of value added and employment. A sustainable blue economy provides social and economic benefits for current and future generations; restores, protects and maintains diverse, productive and resilient ecosystems; and is based on clean technologies, renewable energy and circular material flows.

… and a significant economic sector.

… and a significant economic sector.

With an annual economic value estimated at USD2.5 trillion the ‚blue economy‘ is equivalent to the world’s seventh largest economy.

These ocean-connected sectors include (but are not limited to) shipping, seafood, renewable ocean energy, port construction, coastal tourism, coastal infrastructure, and the consumption and production of solid waste such as plastics.


Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The BI@SIS Programme

The BI@SIS Programme

The BlueInvest at the Sustainable Investor Summit will take place on May 16, 2023, bringing the entire sustainable blue economy ecosystem in the DACH region together.

First rate content & Top Speakers – The BlueInvest at the SIS provides insight into the key ocean and ocean-connected economy topics and a deep-dive on impact investing themes relevant to the Sustainable Blue Economy.

  • Blue Economy: Oceans as the next great Economic frontier

  • Setting the scene/big picture for key regulatory development for investors
    • Deep-dive on selected tools and frameworks: EU taxonomy, sustainable blue finance principles, EIF frameworks, BlueInvest platform
    • Regulatory & compliance frameworks and reporting & monitoring

  • Meet the innovators, meet the fund managers & investors:
    • Discussion of net zero and decarbonisation, circular economy and preventing ocean pollution, sustainable food and feed from the ocean, blue tech & ocean observation, energy alternatives
    • Challenges for the Blue Economy
    • Catalysing investments in the Blue Economy
    • Innovation in the Blue Economy for Climate Change and Energy Challenges

Join a world-class crowd

Join a world-class crowd

Entrepreneurs, corporate executives, investors, public and private financiers and professional experts come to the BI@SIS to meet, learn and do business.

Sustainable Blue Finance & Invest in the EU

Sustainable Blue Finance & Invest in the EU

Mobilising Capital for a Sustainable Ocean 


The European Green Deal and the Recovery Plan for Europe will define the European economy for many years, or even decades. And the EU’s blue economy is fundamental to both efforts.

To support and scale up public and private investment in key blue economy sectors, the European Commission will cooperate with European financial institutions:

    • The Commission will work with the European Investment Bank to align efforts to reduce pollution in European seas, in particular in the Mediterranean Sea. Both institutions will consider means to incentivise private investors and public development banks to join that effort;
    • The Commission will cooperate with the European Investment Fund to explore a framework that would facilitate the use of shared management financial instruments for a sustainable blue economy;
    • To help smaller businesses that have transformative ideas but have a hard time accessing private capital, the Commission’s BlueInvest ( platform will provide customised support, visibility, access to investors and investment-readiness advice.

Venue / Hotel contingent

Venue / Hotel Contingent

Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof

Am Kaiserplatz | 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Below you will find our discounted hotel contingent available for participants of the 6th Sustainable Investor Summit in Frankfurt, Germany, May 15-17, 2023:

Key facts

  • Green-Meeting-Konzept
  • Ballroom with up to 460m²
  • Space for up to 600 people
  • 19 renovated function rooms>
  • LED screen and state-of-the-art media technology
  • More information at:

    Steinberger Frankfurter Hof is also the venue.

Flemings Hotel Frankfurt Main-Riverside

Lange Straße 5–9, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Below you will find our discounted hotel contingent available as an alternative for participants of the 6th Sustainable Investor Summit in Frankfurt, Germany, May 15-17, 2023:

Key facts

  • 145 rooms and 4 suites
  • free highspeed WLAN
  • comfortable working corner
  • soundproof windows
  • adjustable air conditioning
  • skyline view
  • fitness area with TVs
  • lounge area
  • More information at:

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BlueInvest @ SIS 6


16 May 2023


BlueInvest @ SIS is part of the SIS 6 conference


Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof
Am Kaiserplatz
60311 Frankfurt


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