6th Sustainable Investor Summit

Putting capital at work to make a difference

Finance is a force for good



DACH's Premier Meeting for Business and Finance Leaders

Customer and investment behaviours are rapidly evolving. Pressure continues to grow for business to reach net zero targets and invest in sustainable infrastructure while remaining a profitable business; urgent action is needed to ensure the security of investments, business, and the future of the planet.

Those that can successfully enact their strategy for the clean, just transition will future proof their business, remaining competitive and commercially successful.

At the sustainable investor summit 2023 join 500+ CEOs and senior-level executives from business and finance to lead the sustainable revolution.

Climate and Green Infrastructure

  • Everything related to climate considerations including
    decarbonisation, renewable energy, and infrastructure
  • Energy transition with sustainable energy solutions:
    Cleantech, Renewables & Energy Efficiency

Real Estate

  • Sustainable cities – According to UN- Habitat cities account for between 60% and 80% of energy consumption and generate as much as 70% of humaninduced GHG emissions.

Policy, Regulation and Reporting

  • With the EU Taxonomy, SFDR and NFDR, regulation is increasingly well established in Europe.
  • Gain practical insights to analyse companies along a scale, allowing your current and future holdings to
    maximize ESG potential in the short and long term.

Board View Panel

  • Winning the Race to Net Zero: The C-Suite Perspective on The Road to NetZero
  • ESG framework to become a sustainable company

Science, Technology and Innovation

  • The technology that will take us forward can be built on sound, ethical, smart principals. It can invite unique perspectives. It can provide empowerment, knowledge, awareness, access, and community.
  • Leveraging technology to scale impact – solving big problems with ethical tech and good returns.

Data and Measurement

  • No longer is the question about whether ESG data is attainable but rather how to discern the quality of data and how to integrate that data into your wider ESG strategy.

Corporate Citizenship

  • The role of companies in an evolving climate-risk landscape

Natural Capital, Sustainable Agriculture, Biodiversity

  • As the world population continues to grow, more effort and innovation will be needed to sustainably increase agricultural production, improve the global supply chain, decrease food waste and ensure that all have access to nutritious food.

Oceans and the Sustainable Blue Economy

  • After all, the ocean is the main climate regulator we have. It offers clean energy and sustains us with oxygen, food, and many critical resources.
  • SIS 6 will address a broad range of ocean finance and sustainable development topics

Promoting the S in ESG

  • The social component of ESG has garnered greater attention, gaining importance in securing investment.
  • Despite enthusiasm to place social issues into investment decisions, many investors remain unsure about their ability to create positive social change and deliver lasting returns.

Investor Panel

  • Hear directly from the asset owner how investors can
    help decarbonise the economy
  • As demonstrated at COP26 the finance sector will play a
    critical role in decarbonising the European economy.

Endowments For Impact

  • Beyond divestment: climate change strategies for endowments
  • Overcoming the barriers to mobilising the billions invested by foundations
  • Getting to net-zero for endowments


  • Developing an impact strategy in listed equities
  • “Regardless of geographies, for businesses emerging from an era where delivering shareholder value at any cost was the overarching aim, this new era of genuine
    responsibility is not without its challenges.”

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • A Gender Lens Investing Roadmap for the DACH region

ESG and Impact Investing

  • Understanding the latest ESG trends
  • Will 2023 be the Year Investors Get Real About Impact Investing?


  • Green bonds have gained in popularity due to their inherent sustainable nature but so have their premiums. Simply put, do green bonds produce enough outsized return to warrant their premium fees in relation to normal bonds?

Towards a circular economy

  • The way we consume and produce as a society must change fundamentally towards building a viable regenerative system in which we use fewer resources, produce less waste and radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Communicating Sustainability Effectively

  • Developing an Engagement Strategy that Builds Trust, Action, and Advocacy

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