PwC Switzerland – The only way forward is the circle

Systematic re-utilisation instead of destroying resources: The benefits of a well-thought-out circular economy are obvious. Our current economic system is easy to describe: “take – make – waste”. Every day we extract more resources that we superficially enrich with energy and labour. We use the results, and in the majority of cases ultimately produce waste. …

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PwC Switzerland – Greenwashing and greenwishing

Driven by a regulatory tsunami and an ever-growing investor demand for solutions towards sustainable development, sustainability has found its way into the core businesses of financial institutions which have largely started to recognise sustainability not only as a risk, but also as an opportunity. The growing appetite for sustainable financial solutions, however, paired with the …

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ThomasLloyd – Die CO2-Belastung des Wirtschaftswachstums

Als 100-prozentiger Impact Investor, der unter Artikel 9 der Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) fällt, berücksichtigt und integriert ThomasLloyd ökologische und soziale Aspekte in Übereinstimmung mit soliden Governance-Praktiken. Unsere Investitionen zielen direkt auf vier der Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) der Vereinten Nationen1 und haben indirekte Auswirkungen auf zehn der 17 SDGs.

SLM – Investing in Continuous Cover Forestry

This paper sets out the investment case for Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF), a more sustainable form of forest management. It uses the Irish forest sector as a case study, modelling the likely returns from the application of CCF on acquired forests in Ireland.

SLM – Investing in regenerative orchards crops in Iberia

This opinion piece explains why Spain and Portugal are attractive destinations for agricultural investment now. It assesses the specific opportunities around tree nuts and olives, and shows how ecological management approaches can deliver environmental benefits while serving high-value markets.

SLM – The investment case for ecological farming

This paper explains why ecological and regenerative farming systems provide an attractive investment opportunity. It is intended for institutional investors, family offices and investment managers with an interest in real assets and/or impact investing.

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