Wulsdorf Helge

Wulsdorf Helge
Dr. Helge Wulsdorf
Head of Sustainable Investments
Bank für Kirche und Caritas

Dr. Helge Wulsdorf, doctorate in social ethics, graduate theologian, banker, since 2003 Head of Sustainable Investments at Bank für Kirche und Caritas eG in Paderborn (www.bkc-paderborn.de), board member of Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen e. V. (2004-2022), lecturer at EBS Business School (2019-2023) and member of the Sustainable Finance Advisory Board of the German Federal Government (2019-2021), also deputy chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bischöfliche Aktion Adveniat e. V., numerous specialist publications on business ethics and sustainabe issues in the financial sector.

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