Gabler Astrid

Gabler Astrid
Astrid Gabler
Executive Chairmwoman of the Board
PATRIZIA Foundation

Astrid Gabler, born on May 4, 1971, in Bonn, is an accomplished manager with a diverse professional background. As Managing Director of the PATRIZIA Foundation in Augsburg, she has demonstrated expertise in non-profit management, shaping the foundation’s trajectory since April 2023, coinciding with its 25th anniversary in 2024. Prior to her role at the PATRIZIA Foundation, Astrid Gabler served as Deputy Managing Director of the Fürstlich und Gräflich Fuggersche Stiftungen in Augsburg from 2016 until March 2023, where she led the Communications and Programs department. During her tenure, she spearheaded initiatives such as the 500th anniversary of the Fuggerei and launched the Fuggerei NEXT500 program, strategically repositioning the traditional foundation. The Fuggerei, recognized as the world’s oldest social settlement, gained global attention under her leadership. Her expertise has positioned her as a well- connected figure in the German foundation and communications landscape.

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