Lal Nityen

Lal Nityen
Nityen Lal
Managing Partner
Icos Capital

Nityen Lal co-founded Icos Capital in 2005 with goal to invest in technology startups that positive impact human beings & their environment. Climate tech innovations are increasingly becoming more successful financially and, in their ability, to deliver substantial impact on climate issues. 

Backed with proven strategies and excellent results, Icos capital, in collaboration with climate ambitious corporations, has capital, means and network to facilitate the best climate tech innovations to success in industry. Icos capital has focus on climate tech innovations in early growth phase with strong planet and profit proposition. Main focus is on industry solutions especially in food tech, industry solutions focused carbon tech and bio based chemicals. Icos Capital is managed 3 sustainability venture capital funds and most recently realized first closing of Icos Capital Fund IV backed by leading European corporations and financial institutions. 

Prior to Icos Capital, Nityen grew up in India and studied computer science and business from universities in the US and Europe. He has worked in IT industry in California and venture capital industry in Europe.

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