Söhnholz Dirk

Söhnholz Dirk
Prof. Dr. Dirk Söhnholz
Sole Owner and CEO
Soehnholz ESG

Prof. Dr. Dirk Soehnholz (1963) is the sole owner and CEO of Soehnholz ESG GmbH, a B2B provider of rules-based model portfolios with focus on pure ESG and SDG, as well as of Soehnholz Asset Management GmbH, the advisor of an Article 9 (SFDR) mutual fund. Dirk is also ESG and SDG Advisor to ALLINDEX, a direct indexing provider, honorary professor of asset management at Leipzig University, and financial blogger (www.prof-soehnholz.com). Previously Dirk worked for The Boston Consulting Group, Feri Alternative Asset, Feri Institutional Advisors, and Veritas Investment among others.

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