Heinig Thomas

Thomas Heinig
Chief Risk Officer
Mikro Kapital Management

Thomas Heinig is a development finance expert, experienced in the implementation of complex fund structures and specialised in Local Currency and Guarantee vehicles. He has a deep understanding of different challenges in emerging and frontier market especially in the financial sector and has longstanding experience in the cooperation with ministries and development finance institutions (DFI). 

He obtained a Diploma (MSc) in Business Administration from the University of Goettingen and studied at the University of Lisboa (UTL). He started his career as a credit analyst at a regional DFI in Germany, and worked at a risk management department of a commercial bank. He joined KfW in 2010 and as Senior Risk Manager. As of 2013 he moved to the team of Financial Systems Development Southern Africa and Regional Funds, essentially KFW’s equity team and was since 2015 the Deputy Head of the team. In 2020 he joined EDFI MC in Brussels as the Head of Risk being in charge of Risk Management (incl. Pillar Assessment), Internal Audit and Compliance. 

In February 2023 he was appointed Chief Risk Officer of Mikro Kapital Management S.A.

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