Buchli Marc

Marc Buchli
Co-CEO and Executive Board Member
Flick Family Office & Privatstiftung

With over two decades of experience as an investment professional, I am honored to serve as the Co-CEO and Executive Board Member of the Flick Family Office & Foundation. In this role, I am responsible for steering the strategic direction and ensuring operational excellence of our institutionalized Single Family Office, renowned for its dynamic investments across diverse asset classes, global markets, and geographies. 

Having led asset management and family office operations across Europe and Asia, I possess a comprehensive understanding of macroeconomic dynamics, sectoral intricacies, regulatory landscapes, and operational imperatives. My journey has been marked by a dedication to blending analytical prowess, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative thinking to navigate the complexities of ever-evolving investment landscapes. I am deeply committed to driving positive social and environmental change through responsible and sustainable investing. I have actively championed initiatives that integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into investment decisions, resulting in tangible contributions to both financial returns and societal well- being. I am passionate about shaping a better future for generations to come.

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