Stjepanovic Dusko

Dusko Stjepanovic
Head of Green Banking
REEEP – Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership

Mr. Stjepanovic serves as the Head of Green Banking at REEEP, overseeing the development of blended financing instruments and the structuring of alternative investment funds. He spearheads collaborations with financial institutions across the global renewable energy markets, crafting investment and financing solutions for low and middle-income countries. As a key member of the Global Taskforce on Mobilizing Investment for Clean Energy in Emerging Economies at the World Economic Forum, he contributes alongside international expert groups and leading universities worldwide. Furthermore, Mr. Stjepanovic acts as an advisor to several European Union institutions and government officials, offering expertise in climate financing solutions. He also offers guidance for prominent asset managers in the private sector regarding sustainable investment strategies.

Mr. Stjepanovic is a frequent participant and speaker at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) and has served as an expert panelist and keynote speaker at events hosted by Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, among others. His recognition as an expert in the global investment industry is backed by over 18 years of experience in investment and risk management within the banking, insurance, and investment sectors. His contributions to climate financing and sustainable investment have established him as a recognized figure in the field, dedicated to fostering economic development while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

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