Schuster Dietmar

Dr. Dietmar Schuster, MBA
Member of the Executive Board

After successfully completing his law studies in Graz and Berlin, he specialised in the field of accounting. He subsequently completed an MBA in Finance in New York and Prague as well as a year in court. After working abroad, including at a law firm in Stellenbosch, he held several positions at the healthcare holding company Premiqamed. He then began working at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in the areas of social insurance, pension and provident funds, among others. At the same time, he completed a doctorate in law. From 2013 to 2023, he held various management positions at the Federal Ministry of Finance, most recently as head of the budget section. He also held several supervisory board positions, including in the Financial Market Authority. On 1 September 2023, he was appointed to the Executive Board of Bundespensionskasse AG, where he is jointly responsible for risk management, among other things.

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