Jerosch-Herold Vincent

Vincent Jerosch-Herold
Chief Product Officer
Asset Impact

Vincent Jerosch-Herold is Asset Impact’s Chief Product Officer where he is responsible for product development and strategy. Vincent has been instrumental in the company’s growth, having helped transform Asset Impact from a research project to a leading provider of asset-based data and analytics for the financial sector. Through his work at Asset Impact, Vincent has informed the climate strategies and methodologies of financial institutions crucial to the energy transition, such as ING, Barclays, and Deutsche Bank. In 2022, Asset Impact was acquired by GRESB (the global ESG benchmark for real assets), supporting its next stage of development. Before joining Asset Impact, Vincent worked as a Data Analyst at the 2° Investing Initiative, where he helped expand the PACTA methodology, developed the MeinFairMögen database, and researched alignment metrics. Vincent graduated from Jacobs University with a degree in politics and history.

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