Since 1975, ÖKOWORLD is one of the leading providers of sustainable investment solutions. 

The ÖKOWORLD investment funds ÖKOWORLD ÖKOVISION CLASSIC, ÖKOWORLD KLIMA, ÖKOWORLD GROWING MARKETS 2.0, ÖKOWORLD WATER FOR LIFE and ÖKOWORLD ROCK’N’ROLL invest exclusively in consistently sustainable companies. The first fund, ÖKOWORLD ÖKOVISION CLASSIC, was launched in 1996 and is considered a classic of sustainable investment funds. 

The investment targets are checked by an in-house sustainability research and independent experts for ethical standards, ecological criteria and social compatibility. A strict separation between sustainability research and asset management ensures the quality of the funds. 

The private and company pension scheme „KLIMARENTE“ offers investors a sustainable investment strategy, which lets them invest in future topics such as water, health, nutrition, education or energy efficiency. 

ÖKOWORLD is independent of banks and corporations. 


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