Marchand Oliver

Marchand Oliver
Dr. Oliver Marchand
Managing Director and Global Head of Climate Research

Dr. Oliver Marchand is responsible for all research activities in the field of climate risks analysis. The MSCI Climate Risk Center offices create an extensive climate risk assessment and reporting offering for the institutional market, providing global investors with solutions to help them better understand the impact of climate change on their investment portfolios and comply with mandatory and voluntary climate risk disclosure initiatives and requirements. 

In 2015, Dr. Oliver Marchand founded the Zurich-based fintech start up Carbon Delta AG and was the CEO until 2019, when the company was acquired by MSCI Barra SA. Prior to founding Carbon Delta and joining MSCI, Dr. Oliver Marchand gained extensive experience in IT management, financial portfolio management and IT systems development at Fisch Asset Management. Furthermore, he is experienced in climate data modelling as a researcher in weather forecasting at various weather services. 

Dr. Oliver Marchand is a strong entrepreneurship professional with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from ETH Zurich. The combined expertise in software development for financial portfolio management and climate data modelling puts Dr. Oliver Marchand in the unique position to combine two very different industries. With the establishment of the MSCI Climate Risk Center offices, the fulfilment of his personal vision of creating a new climate risk standard in the financial industry is on track.

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