Boeselager von Juliane

Boeselager von Juliane
Juliane von Boeselager
Investor Relations Manager

Following her passion for impact finance, Juliane von Boeselager joined FASE, the leading impact finance advisor across Europe, in 2022. In her current role as Investor Relations Manager, Juliane connects impact-driven investors with suitable private-markets impact investment opportunities across the full returns continuum and various sectors. Also, she developed a framework to assess the impact of funds. Since inception in 2013, FASE has channelled additional EUR 75m+ of impact capital for outstanding impact ventures and funds in over 85 successful transactions. Each case demonstrates a highly innovative, scalable business model delivering positive and measurable real- world changes, generating environmental and/or social impact at scale. To inspire new generations and groups of impact investors, Juliane regularly hosts and moderates different types of discussions, workshops, etc. Prior to joining FASE, Juliane worked as a consultant for impact measurement & management and built up her international work experience, gaining in-depth expertise in impact investing, development and microfinance finance across the globe. Juliane holds an M.Sc. in Global Development from the University of Copenhagen and is a graduate of the IDOS Postgraduate Programme for international development cooperation and sustainability.

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