Blamire Joss

Joss Blamire
Director Infrastructure

Joss Blamire is Director, Infrastructure at GRESB. GRESB’s mission is to assess, score and benchmark Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance, including for infrastructure assets, providing standardized and validated data to the capital markets. Joss has 14 years’ professional experience as an expert advisor on ESG and infrastructure development with a focus on real assets and renewable and low carbon energy. Prior to GRESB Joss worked in consultancy advising fund managers and asset owners to understand their ESG needs and develop sustainability strategies alongside helping assess investments and assets against international benchmarks and standards.

Joss previously lived and worked in Malawi, for the Government of Malawi, where he led the development and publication of the country’s first ever renewable energy strategy. Joss has also worked for the trade association, Scottish Renewables and the UK and Scottish Governments.

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