Chudy Rafal

Dr. Rafal Chudy
Dr. Rafal Chudy
Managing Director
Forest Business Analytics

Dr. Rafał Chudy has over 13 years of professional experience in forest investments, economics, management and research, with high competence in finance, sustainability, and natural climate solutions. During the last years, Dr. Chudy worked for private equity and consultancy companies from the United States, Australia, and Norway, where he was responsible for ensuring that strong research and evidence-based insights underpin companies‘ sustainable investment programs and services in real assets, mostly forestry and carbon. Dr. Chudy’s research has appeared in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at international forest and natural resource economics conferences. 

Dr. Chudy is a co-organizer of the International Forest Business Conference – a biannual meeting that aims to bring together leading forest management organizations and investors interested in forestry asset class and carbon offsets. Currently, Dr. Chudy serves as an Executive Editor for the Journal of Forest Business Research, which aims to foster informed investment decisions and contributes to the broader discourse surrounding forestry assets.

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