Pianowski Mathias

Pianowski Mathias
Mathias Pianowski
Head of Sustainability Research

Mathias Pianowski studied economics, esp. Finance and Banking, Taxation and Auditing as well as Environmental Economics and Controlling. As part of his diploma thesis, he prepared a sustainability report for the first time twenty years ago – for an international industrial company. Since then, he has been working on the topic of „Sustainable Economy and Companies“. 

For seven years, Mathias headed the „Sustainability and Innovation“ division at the management consultancy BCC in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin. He has worked for companies, NGOs, associations, ministries, the UBA and the German Council for Sustainable Development on the topics of sustainable finance, environmental economic assessment of infrastructure projects, corporate strategy development and implementation, Stakeholder engagement, communication and (legal) further development of sustainability and integrated reporting. and implementation. 

Mathias also taught sustainability management and corporate reporting at the University of Duisburg-Essen for more than five years and moderated panels and workshops for DVFA, FNG and DIRK, among others. Mathias is a certified EFFAS ESG analyst, environmental auditor and environmental auditor.

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