Wern-Sukhera Sadia

Sadia Wern-Sukhera
Sadia Wern-Sukhera
Founder and CEO
Vertevis Capital Partners

Sadia has over 20 years of professional experience in finance, thereof more than 16 years in the investment sector. She has held several high-ranking positions, such as CFO, COO, Partner and MD, within vast fields of the investment world, winning broad experience in PE, Real Estate & Venture Capital Funds.
She has a demonstrable record of having successfully managed closed-ended funds, special AIFs & public funds with a total fund volume ranging from €700m to €2.5bn She considers strong risk management as the heart of the company`s value creation process. Being a first-generation female migrant, hitting the C-level & managing her own PE fund, Sadia considers herself a diversity ambassador in investment sector.

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