Günther Herndlhofer
Günther Herndlhofer, MSc, MBA
Head of Investments
VBV Vorsorgekasse

Günther Herndlhofer has been the Head of Investments and authorised signatory of VBV – Vorsorgekasse AG since 2011. With an investment volume of currently more than euro 5.5 billion, VBV – Vorsorgekasse AG is the leading pension fund in Austria, whereby responsible investing is an essential component of the investment philosophy. ESG factors have been an integral part of every investment decision since the company was founded in 2002. Mr. Herndlhofer holds an MBA (Financial Management) and an MSc (Executive Management) and has many years of professional experience in portfolio management and corporate pension schemes. He has been considered an internationally recognised expert in the field of sustainable investment for years.

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