MMag. Marita Hofer
MMag. (FH) Marita Hofer
Member of the Executive Board
Allianz Vorsorgekasse and Pensionskasse

Marita Hofer has been working for Austrian pension funds and severance payment funds since 1997, always focusing on new trends and improvements. She joined Allianz Vorsorgekasse as Head of ‘Legal’ in 2016 and is also responsible for the ‘Key Account Management’ team. Founding the dedicated CSR-team and being part of many CSR-projects since, she influences sustainable activities of both companies, Allianz Vorsorgekasse and Allianz Pensionskasse. Marita Hofer is committed to more transparency in sustainable finance, a focus on impact investment and to (re-)educating young generations to a sustainable lifestyle.

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